Heat Stoke Hits Maximus

 Today was an example of how fast dogs, especially brachycephalic breeds such as bulldogs can over heat??

Maximus came in to Booval Vet Hospital today after the owners found him collapsed outside. The owners had been moving house, and had left Max at their house till last, but with the stress and the heat – caused Max to collapse from heat exhaustion.

Thanks to their quick thinking of cooling him down immediately may have saved his life. When he arrived at Booval, he had to be carried in, and his temperature was 39.4 and was placed on intravenous fluids, oxygen saturation monitored and bloods taken to asses his clotting factors.

Luckily, Maximus was stable and after being cooled down to a normal temperature and bolus of fluids given, Maximus was able to stand.

Maximus was referred to the After Hours Emergency Hospital for further fluids and intensive monitoring overnight.

If you suspect your animal has suffered from heat stroke, please take your pet to a vet immediately, they might not be as lucky as Maximus