In-House Laboratory

We have the capability to run a wide variety of laboratory tests. Blood samples can be tested for a whole range of parameters and can help reveal abnormalities in the liver & kidneys, as well as detect diabetes, anaemia, infection and some cancers. Screening blood tests are routinely used prior to anaesthesia and for monitoring patients on long term medication.

Operating Theatre

Our operating theatre is equipped to handle all types of surgery, from desexing to more complex orthopaedic cases. Each surgical patient receives the benefit of the safest anaesthetic agents and integrated oxygen delivery system. In addition, individual patients are assigned their own anaesthetic nurse who monitors them and records constant observations throughout the procedure and in recovery. In combination with state of the art monitoring equipment including blood pressure, ECG and pulse oximetry, our aim is to make anaesthesia as safe and uneventful as possible for your pet.

Adjacent to the theatre is the treatment room.

Patient Wards

Recovery cages, with heat pads, are adjacent to the treatment room to allow for close supervision and monitoring of post operative patients.

Our dog ward is able to house up to 15 dogs in air-conditioned comfort. Our patients will be allocated the appropriate sized cage, and will be provided with soft bedding for the duration of their stay.

Our feline patients are kept in a separate ward, where they can enjoy some peace and quiet. They are provided with a soft bed, a litter tray and an igloo to hide in if required. We also use Feliway,™ a pheromone spray, designed to relax cats and make them feel at ease in unfamiliar surroundings.

We also have an isolation unit, should it be necessary to hospitalise a patient with an infectious disease.

Reception & Consulting Rooms

We hope you’ll find our reception friendly and welcoming with a large, clean, open feel designed to put you and your pets at ease. We are fully computerised, allowing for accurate patient histories and automated reminders for all your pets preventative healthcare needs. We have four consulting rooms (1 is extra large for multi-pet families) which means we can normally offer you an appointment at a time convenient to you and are usually able to fit you in at short-notice.

There is also a car park on-site to help make your visit easier.

Xray & Ultrasound

Our new digital X-ray machine delivers the best quality images available. It assists us with rapid diagnosis of many problems and the images can be emailed to specialists for expert opinion if necessary.

We are able to perform pregnancy ultrasounds in-house. We also book external medical professionals to carry out complex procedures by request.