Golden Oldies

Watching our pets grow older, is a comforting rewarding experience. It’s sometimes hard to believe that the same bundle of energy tearing around the yard for so many years is now the calm and kind old friend curled up at our feet. When our pets grow older, they need our help ensure their comfort, health and happiness! Keeping your eye
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Let’s Get Exotic!

Exotic pets are fascinating. Their unique behaviours and complicated social interactions, both with each other and with us, can really teach us all kinds of new information. Exotic pets are so different from cats and dogs that owning one can be an incredible learning experience. However they have very specific social and environmental needs. It’s important to learn about these
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Healthy Hearts

We all love our pets, and we want to keep them, and their hearts safe. One of the biggest threats to our pets’ heart is Heartworm. Heartworm is an infectious, potentially fatal parasitic worm that invades the blood stream of cats, dogs, and even humans! Heartworm is spread by mosquitoes, and our furry friends only need one bite to become
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Important Notice Regarding COVID-19

Ipswich Vet Group is dedicated to the health and safety of our team, patients, clients and their pets. We would like to reassure all of our clients and their much loved pets that as a medical practice we have exemplary hygiene standards and protocols that are actively in place all day every day. We have a trained and professional team
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Terrible Toxins

Pets are curious creatures, which can be dangerous when the target is a toxin. Hazards such as cleaning products, medications, plants and foods are all a potential danger to our inquisitive pets. In the average household, your pet could be one munch away from disaster. It’s hard to keep our pets safe from everything that could potentially harm, them, however
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Feeling Sluggish?

Just like us, being overweight can have a serious impact to the health of our pets. It’s estimated that over 40% of dogs and 30% of cats are overweight. However, many pet owners aren’t aware that their pet is overweight, as the majority of us don’t quite know how to tell. Obesity in pets is incredibly dangerous, not only raising
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New Year, New Pet?

Are you ringing in 2020 with a new addition to the family? Puppies and Kittens are cuddly and lovable but they also have different needs to that of our adult pets. The first year of a puppy or kittens life is incredibly important for their development. Lots of love alongside good nutrition and healthcare plays a vital part in the
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What Does This Wet Weather Mean for Our Pets?

We have all been affected by it, whether it’s added to the morning traffic, the grass is over growing, or our laundry is piling up because there just hasn’t been a day of sunshine in over a week. But have you thought about how all this wet weather is affecting your pets?


Flowers Causing Renal Failure In Cats

Lilies (Lilium spp and Hemerocallis spp), amongst many other flower species,  are extremely toxic to cats and can be fatal. The toxic substance in lilies that causes injury to the kidneys has not yet been identified, but all parts of the lily are poisonous – flowers, stamen, stem, leaves and roots.


This Season Is A Tick-Ing Time Bomb!

With over 70 tick cases and almost 20 snake cases treated at our Booval Vet Hospital in the past two months, it’s time for another reminder about the importance of tick prevention!