My old boys loved you and so do I. You have all shown such love and compassion to us over the past 14 years, especially when it was time to say goodbye to the boys in recent times. Thank you all so much – Asti B.

Ziva loves to visit Dr. Jason – he treats her like a princess, telling her she’s a beautiful girl! She is always soooo well behaved because of Dr. Jason’s reassurance with injections etc. – Annette S.

Molly’s love of Karalee Village Veterinary Clinic started over 2 years ago with puppy preschool!
Sometimes she’s still so excited to visit that she does a wee on the floor – Aliesha C.

All our boys just love the vets because of nurse Jodie. You, Jodie are one in a million. – Kasey S.

My Fred loves going to Karalee Village Veterinary Clinic not only for the love and pats he receives from the staff, but because you all saved his life! We will be forever grateful! – Alison H.

Chardie (puppy school graduate) and Raffy currently puppy school student love visiting Jodie and Kate when they visit Karalee vet. – Penny B.

Phoebe decided from a very young age that Jason was her best friend forever. Fortunately she’s in good shape and it’s now only a once a year visit (touch wood), but she gets so excited when she goes to see him. – Jennifer H.

Thank you to all the staff on Monday who did an amazing job in saving our gorgeous 11yr old mini foxy Sophie who thought it would be a good idea to wrangle a 5 foot brown snake. We can not thank you all enough for your quick action and for keeping us calm through out the ordeal. Thank you from the Dredge family. – Richelle D

Thank you so very much Dr Jason, Kate & Jodie (and anyone else who may have been behind the scenes) for the care & attention you gave to Chaka today. It is so reassuring to know that your furkids are in good (nay,excellent) hands during those times when their need is the greatest. We are now making the most of the quiet recovery time with Chaka after his surgery today before we hit the fun of the coming days days of enforced rest (harnessing a nuclear battery powered dog) to follow. Very much appreciated the sms text (and photo of the boy) after the surgery – thank you! – Fiona C