Lice/mites are quite common in guinea pigs. They may be picked up from new bedding (eg. hay, straw) or other guinea pigs. Some lice are visible to the naked eye and cause intense itchiness and scabs.

Dental Care and Feeding

Guinea pigs have teeth that continually grow hence overgrown incisors (front teeth) and molars (cheek teeth) can occur. It is a good idea to feed a range of food types from an early age such as fresh fruit and veggies, good quality hay and occasionally pellets. This will not only help them receive all the nutrients they require, but help wear down their teeth so they dont overgrow.


Desexing your Guinea Pig is recommended. It ensures a calm temperament and reduces the likelihood of some serious diseases. Guinea Pigs can start breeding at 6-8 weeks of age and may be desexed at 5-6mths of age.

Nail trimming

Guinea Pigs have continuously growing nails that need to be trimmed regularly.