Mobility and Joint Support

Does your dog have stiff joints

“Stiff joints” is a general term for changes in the joint caused by normal or abnormal wear and tear. Because your dog’s joint pain directly impacts his mobility and how well he’s able to get around, it can have a serious effect on your dog’s quality of life.

For dogs who have stiff joints, the cartilage (the tissues that “cushions” the joint between the bones) is worn away faster than it is replaced. For example, when the cartilage in a dog’s hip joint wears away, mobility decreases, while pain and disability progressively develop. Although stiff joints are not curable, it is possible to improve joint health in your dog with nutrition and exercise.


There are many reasons why your dog could be experiencing joint pain associated with stiff joints.

  • Age
  • Breed
  • Excess Weight
  • Accidents or Trauma
  • Congenital or Heredity Defects

What are the symptoms of stiff joints

  • Stiffness, especially after resting
  • Hesitation to go up and down stairs
  • Lagging behind during walks or tiring easily
  • Preferring to lie down rather than sit or stand
  • Whimpering, growling or snapping when you touch his joints

The food your dog eats can also influence his joint health and mobility. Balanced nutrition is an  essential part of an active, healthy lifestyle for dogs. If you’re concerned about your dog’s joint health, consult with your veterinarian and discuss the best food for your dog’s joint health.


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