Fear Aggression in Dogs

You may have seen in the news recently about the unfortunate events that led to two separate incidences that caused two children to be attacked by dogs, and one of which sadly caused a child to lose her life.

It is important for everyone to know that animals may be triggered by anything that they associate with bad past experiences such as, smells, sounds, and even the way people may look. It is important to teach children and even adults the signs to look for when an animal is not comfortable and to immediately remove themselves from the situation.

So how can you help your dog?

-Be Aware that dogs are natural predators and it is their instinct to defend themselves if they feel threatened.

-Train Train Train: Puppy preschool just isn’t about learning to sit and stay, its a critical part in teaching puppies how to socialise with other dogs and people in a strange environment.

– Socialise them as soon as they are vaccinated! Whether you take them for walk around the neighbourhood or to the local dog park it is a great way for them to experience new sounds, smells, people and environments. But maintain control and supervise them at all times!

– Manners: Don’t allow your dogs to jump, growl or bark. Ensure you are their pack leader and they need to follow rules.

-Education: Educate yourself and your family about the signs dogs display when feeling fear or aggression. These can often be very subtle and are often not realised before its too late.

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